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vol VII: Notes



[Notebook BOOK 4/5/94 DB 50]

[Sunday 28 March 1999 - Saturday 3 April 1999]

[page 221]

Sunday 28 March 1999

Dad 80 = me + 25. So another 25 years of developing the home page should come up with something big and good. A central core of writing surrounded by a cloud of references, ultimately to the addressing of individuals throughout the Universe.

Weed out the finite evils and the infinite goods will take care of themselves (spring up in their place)

Everything evolves toward minimizing the energy required to achieving a given task.


[page 221]

In the beginning was the word; and the word became flesh; the intention became action. Pages operates at three levels NOTES, ESSAYS, COMMENTARIES, REFERENCE.

So far have only published the essays. Home page raves are in the way of commentary; Amazon links etc are reference.

First we need the word, which is what we have here, the word linked to as many as possible of the other words that have been spoken on the subject, or at least a representative sample which I see to be about 1000 books and 10 000 articles. Once the ceiling is reached, we throw out some to put new in so (perhaps) going from size to quality (once the habitat is full a new sort of evolution takes over).

The whole operation has to work toward one goal: remove impediments to bandwidth, that is bad connections.

Monday 29 March 1999

The structure of science and technology is determined by the structure of the problems posed by the world. The way forward from any given scientific or technical position can normally be formulated in terms of a specific problem in need of a solution. Eg internal combustion engine spark timing (centrifugal advance, computer) fuel timing, air timing.

QUESTION = potential
ANSWER = actualization / insight / creation

Communities are bound by working on a common problem.

Minimizing the administrative load (burden)

The foundation/root of heaven/god is security.

Every process is a narrative that is (in the abstract world of the mathematical theory of communication) an ordered set of sub

[page 223]

processes -> digital.

Archeologists digging us up will find massive scientific instruments.

We are led by abstractions, that is dreams.


Religion Technology/Path Peace/Equilibrium

The clue to the model is recursion.

We can think of historical disasters caused by lack of communication eg Lockerbie, these people wanted to be heard.


Einstein's principle of equivalence, for instance, turned out to be a door that opened on a beautiful picture of the large scale structure of the Universe. The fact that there are inbuilt constraints on the size of activities in spacetime leads us through another door to the magnificent vista of quantum theory.

[page 224]

Arithmetic holds in the E-set (Macmillan meets Skolem-Lowenheim)

There is always a countable E-set at the root of any network, and this is called physics.

The fundamental structure of the transfinite network is studied in the foundations of mathematics.

So physics collects the theoretical tools that define the countable/observable elements of the Universe.

The transfinite network is the natural home of the wave function of the Universe. So refuting the many worlds hypothesis.

Decompose a desire into the code necessary to execute it.

Far more people have their unbirthday on a given day, than people having

[page 225]

birthday - 364x.

You can always take more than nothing

quid est quod est esse: experience

Tuesday 30 March 1999
Wednesday 31 March 1999

Insight = successful search of network [decoding a message].


"Physics is an attempt to conceptually grasp reality as it is thought independently of it being observed. In this sense one speaks of 'physical reality'". Einstein in Schilpp page 81. Schilpp

The key to security in any space is a reliable frame of reference from which to navigate through that space. For sailors storm tossed and threatened by all forms of earth, rock, sand, reefs and cliffs, the sure foundation was the stars, the nearest star the sun and the distant stars so far away that their positions are effectively fixed for a navigator, although at astronomical precision they are seen to move.

At fifty five I have never had a proper intellectual colloquy with anyone, but remain a lone outsider, hoping one day to become a centre of condensation (and so of company). My guide lies beyond the fixed stars in the foundations of mathematics and the relationships of symbols to one another.

. . .

The word is the wave function.

What does it mean, the eigenvalue equation F(x) = nx?

VERBUM = wave function = {state} of the Universe.

[page 227]

Authenticity is generated by integrity which leads to a very high density of states. For a long time I have been on the fringe, leading a life full of contradictions while I sought peace in a contradiction free life, which is to me a picture of my place in the world which looks and feels genuine. I have a way to go yet, but it appears to me in the way I feel about my work. For a long time I sought positions as far as possible from my starting point, the period of revolt and exploration. After fifteen years of this I began to home in on a viable position, and since that time I have been coming home. The position is the transfinite network, which is slowly becoming real to me as a viable framework to interpret the enormous forests of my experience.

PAIN - high intensity of sensation ie feedback.

Thursday 1 April 1999
Friday 2 April 1999
Saturday 3 April 1999

The time has come to begin building the layered neural model of the world, if I can only grasp it.

Begin with orthogonal Cantor Universes, one representing space, the other time.


loss - error
Profit - cooperation

A major problem for me is that while this development feels food and is very relaxing, the reduction to practice (ie producing numerical models that couple to observation) is certainly taking its time, and preventing commercialization.

We need some more mathematics here.

[page 229]

The E-set is the first order approximation

What we need is to establish a shell structure (the consistent boundary of the Universe) in which the software can evolve a Universe. And then we need to be able to read the resulting Universe out.

Should start by reconstructing the twelve bit turing machine whose tape is its memory and whose activity is to preserve its own integrity against outside shocks. We can make an infinite turing tape by joining a finite one into a loop.

The things that exist are finite recurrent loops (so see if we can code Lonergan's theory)

Model : the software

Cantor Universe = {OBJECTS]/OBJECT = {OBJECT}

Fundamental object is a computer, ie has

[page 230]


. . .

PARADIGM = Model - the electric power network, more generally, energy distributing networks, ie channels for action.

Locating the boundaries of the black boxes.


You may copy this material freely provided only that you quote fairly and provide a link (or reference) to your source.

Further reading


Click on the "Amazon" link below each book entry to see details of a book (and possibly buy it!)

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Few are more qualified to comment during this turbulent time than Joseph E. Stiglitz. Winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics, Stiglitz is “an insanely great economist, in ways you can’t really appreciate unless you’re deep into the field” (Paul Krugman, New York Times). In Freefall, Stiglitz traces the origins of the Great Recession, eschewing easy answers and demolishing the contention that America needs more billion-dollar bailouts and free passes to those “too big to fail,” while also outlining the alternatives and revealing that even now there are choices ahead that can make a difference. The system is broken, and we can only fix it by examining the underlying theories that have led us into this new “bubble capitalism.” ' 

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